Winning over Worries


I hope they are okay.”

Did they eat well?”

Is everything all right with the kids?”

I can’t sleep!”

Can you relate yourself with these lines? I bet you’ve uttered them most of the time as you spend your day far from home; away from your family. As parents and individuals, it has become very usual for us too worry about a lot of things. Even in just a single small thing, we used to tremble and be troubled thinking of an easy way out. But I tell you, there’s no easy way out in worrying. It will only consume your time, emotion and strength. Instead of being productive and finding ways to solve it, we tend to lie on a couch and think of all the best and worst. Though it has become a normal thing to us, still it shouldn’t become a habit. Why? Because it’s not healthy. Stress and depression will only deprive us from being active and alive during day and cause us to suffer sleepless nights.

Worrying is one of the most issue of our OFWs who risk their fate to a foreign land. It’s like the main course of their meal. Well, we can’t deny that it’s really terrifying to be away from our family, especially for the parents. Everyday, they have the instincts of being a father, a mother or a guardian to their kids. They carry the load of responsibilities right on their shoulders. It’s heavy yet they press on because of love. That’s why BayanMall wants to help our OFWs to find ways on how to lessen their worries everyday. On how to calm the storm inside of them without sacrificing their own joy and happiness.

1.Start your day with a prayer.

Say a little prayer to the Almighty that He will be with you all throughout the day. Pray that He will help you calm the ranging thoughts of worries and fears for your loved ones left in the country. Tell Him all your worries and allow Him to handle all the burden. Commit your trust to Him, as He commits His faithfulness to you willingly all the time. Remember, it is good to feed our spirit first before our flesh.

2. Brush it off with a smile.

Before jumping out of your bed, do the most powerful facial weapon you have and that is your ever candid smile! It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like smiling. Just force yourself to do so. And you will be amazed that it actually makes you really smile afterward. It might be awkward at first but as you do it for about a minute, your body will feel relaxation and as well as with your soul. Besides, it’s not good to start your day with a frown. It won’t help you with anything at all. Perhaps, as you smile to the wind, you are setting your mood of the day to be light and serene.

3. Do the cleaning!

Most of us would like to relax on a clean and well-arranged place. It lessens the curls in our face. Before eating, do the chores like mopping and sweeping the floor. At least at the same time you would have the chance and opportunity to exercise before going to work. Cleaning will be like your warm up for another heavy day!

4. Have a merry breakfast.

It is important to feed your stomach before going to another whole day battle. Or else you won’t be only worrying about your family but also with your health. Eat healthy and delicious kinds of food. Drink juice or milk to refresh yourself from a long sleep. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of a day. You must eat like a king! Feed your self with just right and enough amount of food. Be careful not to worn yourself out of over eating.

5. Groom yourself.

After cleaning your area, go and have time to clean and fix yourself. Enjoy and take some time to the shower. Give yourself a happy treat of daily make over. It doesn’t have to be really different, you don’t have to put a lot of make up on. Just help yourself have a wonderful and presentable look in front of the mirror. And before going out, wear and practice your best smile!

6. Text or make a call.

A single text or call won’t cause your everything. It’s more reasonable to calm down with the rest of the day knowing that your loved ones are okay. Hearing their voices or receiving their personal messages would make you feel more at ease. Don’t leave your house without doing so.

What else did we forget to put in the list? Did we forget something? What must it be?

Okay. Calm down and you just got yourself into the first step of worrying test!

The tips above are just ways to help you lessen your worries, but of course it will still be in your control. Remember, it is all about the mindset. If you want to live with peace, then take control of your thoughts and emotions. Do and practice these things everyday. Do it like a habit, and you will see someday that you already won the battle of worrying!


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