I am Entangled with Your Spirit oh Mr. …

I am Entangled with Your Spirit oh Mr. Music

Dear Mr. Music,
I hope you’re listening because it will be unfair if you won’t since I’ve always listened to you. I set aside my study time just to spend more time with you. I am being scolded a lot for always lying down and still listening to you. So I suggest that you better pay your attention to me too.



“We cannot touch music but music can touch our lives.” Before, I wonder how could it be possibly done but now the answer is as clear as a crystal. Mr. Music, I realized that you touch one’s life by simply being a part of it. You seem to be an element of life that gives it harmony and flow towards the path we feel like taking. No one can say or claim that there’s no music in their world. It’s because everything is so like you Mr. Music.

A single note already has a different tune and a combination of notes can already creaty a wonderful melody. So as to life, a single person has his own character that jives with different types of people creating a strong and harmonious bond. Mr., you are really like a perfect presentation of how life goes. In a group, when someone’s not in the right tune, the whole group might as well lose its track but of course there’s a choice. A choice of whether they will follow the right lead, the one who creates and conducts music and so as to the one who created life.
I know I’m just a typical kind of girl and you may find my letter very plain and simple. But I believe every word I say in this is straightly coming from the heart. Mr. Music, you’ve touched my life that’s why I want to pay you back. I want to touch your own story and I know I can do it through listening and loving your way of art. You have genre of styles and mood also with life. Our lives are of different fields and track. It depends on the artist on where he chooses to cling upon. Like me, I choose to listen to sweet love songs or at least mellow songs which represent my life. Wherein everything’s going smooth just according to its places. Others choose rock and hard music, maybe because they want to rock their lives to the fullest. We can’t tell, because we all have our own personal choice.



Also you have many ways to relate yourself to one’s life. Example for it is by serving as a language. A language for those who cannot speak out their minds and are afraid to express themselves to the crowd. Through you, those children can slowly gain their confidence and show what they are really up to. If they will only let you penetrate within their lives, I believe that there will be no more communication and understanding problems in this world.
I know there are those who don’t believe in you. Who thinks you would only cause harm and bad influence especially to us teenagers. But I say that it’s a choice. Everything in life is a matter of choice. And that’s to dwell with the bad or go with what’s right. I believe we cannot prevent people from using music as their armor against enemies. Using lyrics as a defense along their side. But there is what we call freedom of expression and maybe that’s what most of them believe while doing it. That’s why I know there shouldn’t be blame to your part. Just like what I’ve repeatedly stressed in this you are a part of life. It will only depend on the beholder on how he will manipulate you into his own world.
Most especially, you’ve touched our lives when life is just about to be formed. Mothers, they do get overwhelmed and happy just to hear a sound coming from the baby inside their womb. It’s like a joyous melody that plays along with the beat of their hearts. And the moment the baby goes out; their first cry is as if the most mesmerizing sound ever a mother could possibly hear in her life. It’s a type of music that represents love and purity. This tells us that you Mr. Music are also a symbol of a blessing. You are a tool to relay the miracles and wonders our God has ever made. You are truly to be treasured. You enthrall people’s thoughts and congruence. You let them communicate themselves to the world. You let them breathe when environment’s suffocating them. You let yourself be a part of our lives. And lastly, you let the world know of how much blessed we are.


No wonder why everybody’s into you. It’s because you let us experience magic without even escaping from reality. I hope your sparks shall never fade. It shall serve as a light to one’s life and warmth to those who feel empty and cold. Thank you for letting me write you this. Love lots Mr. Music! Keep it up! Continue touching people’s lives!
Very truly yours,
Dauntless Eve





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