I Am Falling, But I Am Falling Onto The Dangerous Trap of the Unknown…

Oh Lord, help me sort out my emotions. I know I am on fire yet I guess my heart is also ignited by other factors.

images (2)


Factors which should not be ignited, not yet, or should never be. I see this coming, I know it will come and I already know it’s happening. But why? Lord, is this my fault? Should I keep this or should I throw it away? The answer is clear, I know I should throw it away. Lord, help me do so. Emotions, emotions, deception, deception, am I being deceived? Is the enemy using my emotions to stop me from doing God’s will and purpose in my life?

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Oh Jesus, I ask humbly to you. Help me manage, handle and sort out my emotions. I am asking you to remove all unnecessary ones. Let me not be encouraged by other means, only to You. Purify me from the inside out. I don’t want to speak of life and yet my body is rotting and dying inside. I don’t want to unconsciously practice hypocrisy. I know you won’t be pleased with it. Lord, do I really feel like what i’m feeling now? Or it’s all in my mind? It’s all in my mind. Yes, mindset. I should control my mind, it is where


decisions are made. I should be in control of it. But right

now, I am in control but I am leading it to the wrong path. Jesus, I allow you to control, take charge of my mind. Let it not be corrupted by nonsense things in this world.

images (4)


Set my heart, motives and purpose right before You. Lord, help me. I am very weak in handling my emotions.



You know that, you know me more than I know myself. Jesus, help me get rid of this feelings. I don’t want to have it, maybe as of the moment. Lord, please take this away. Help me do so. Only you can help me. Because I can’t even help myself.





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