I am ORDINARY, but surely I CAN WALK ON DEEPER WATERS. I am curr…

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I am ordinary. I dance. I sing. Though to be honest I am really not good with both. Thus, I can act. I am a performer. Confidence? I have an oosing one, but not at al times. Not when I am alone in the four corners of a half-filled in room.



I am ordinary. I love dogs. Actually I have one. I am a student, freshie. I fail, I pass. Sometimes I belong to the top list, sometimes my name’s at the bottom.


I am ordinary. I am a middle child with those common mid-child problems. I have a long straight black silky hair. Fair enough skin. Not tall enough to be a model. Not pretty enough to post on a vogue magazine.


I am ordinary. But one thing makes me EXTRAORDINARY.

And that is, my ability to walk on top of the oceans.

I never thought I can, I almost thought it was very IMPOSSIBLE.


images (1)But He changed my perspectives. He turned my life upside down. Now, my life’s tracking the right direction. I am chasing my destiny of eternal happiness.

Faith doesn’t make things EASY. It makes things POSSIBLE.

In my newly-found faith in Jesus Christ, i’ve learned to take a risk of stepping unto the unknown waters. I don’t know what lies ahead all of this, but I know the One I am serving. And He takes charge of me. If I stumble and sink in fears, He holds my hand to lift up my faith.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

-Philippians 4:13

I am ordinary. Just like YOU. But I can walk on top of deeper waters. What about you?


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