I asked for a Sign: HUMILITY


Just recently, I applied for a job. I was just thinking of making my summer productive somehow. So I had this job interview in a company. I was really nervous at that time but also excited for it is my first time.


But as she uttered the words she said I felt kinda weak but of course I still tried to compose myself. The job i’m applying for is not available already but if I really want to, I can work in a lower position which is very unlikely to my credibilities written on the biodata just for a while then maybe if there’s a vacant in the company I can work as a regular.


Oh God. That’s the first thing that strucked my mind. I really need money right now. So I just sobbed and prayed.

I was somehow a very high profile student in our school. Would i take it or just leave the given opportunity?


I wrote everything on my diary. My struggles, my thoughts about this one. Note that I am a very prideful person, I guess that is normal for someone who does not have everything in life.


My diary, is a notebook filled with bible verses and virtues captions. It was just given to me by a friend. And from that moment I started to preserve memories within its pages. So I just write and write, I even spilled tears on it. Then until I came to the last part of my entry, asking God of a sign.


“God should I humble myself down or follow this pride I am in right now?”


Then just unknowingly I turned to the next page, lying dead. But then I was amazed by the first word that met my eyes saying “HUMILITY” all really in capital letters.


Later then did I realized that it was indeed a sign of God and so I followed Him. Now i’m currently working there but at the same time fulfilling my devotion to Christ who never failed to wonderstruck me with His glory.


I believe I was really destined to be where I am right now. My boss is also a great believer of God and she treats me just so well.


If you have doubts, just pray solemnly and ask God for the answer. Then He will give you the answer, a sign and it’s your free will if which way to follow.




The Lord lifts up the humble; He casts the wicked down to the ground


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